North Somerset League

See here for details of all the clubs/divisions, previous results, and results week by week.


Div 1 - Bridgwater A

22/06Bridgwater B (H)Won 10-0
29/06Taunton A (A)Lost 10-0
06/07Wrington A (H)
13/07Wedmore A (A)
20/07Cheddar A (H)
27/07Bridgwater B (A)
03/08Taunton A (H)
10/08Wrington A (A)
17/08Wedmore A (H)
24/08Cheddar A (A)

Div 1 - Bridgwater B

22/06Bridgwater A (A)Lost 0-10
29/06Wedmore A (H)Lost 3-9
06/07Taunton A (A)
13/07Cheddar A (H)
20/07Wrington A (A)
27/07Bridgwater A (H)
03/08Wedmore A (A)
10/08Taunton A (H)
17/08Cheddar A (A)
24/08Wrington A (H)

Div 3 - Bridgwater C

22/06Clevedon B (H)Lost 4-6
29/06Winscombe A (A)Lost 0-10
06/07Wedmore C (H)
13/07Avenue A (A)
20/07Cheddar C (H)
27/07Clevedon B (A)
03/08Winscombe A (H)
10/08Wedmore C (A)
17/08Avenue A (H)
24/08Cheddar C (A)

Div 5 - Bridgwater D

22/06Congresbury B (A)Lost 4-6
29/06No fixture
06/07Victoria C (A)
13/07Wedmore D (H)
20/07Backwell (A)
27/07Congresbury B (H)
03/08No fixture
10/08Victoria C (H)
17/08Wedmore D (A)
24/08Backwell (H)